Guys I’m getting upset about Ed Droste and Grizzly Bear again

Send chocolate and/or hugs

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Grizzly Bear | Bex Finch

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Caribou - ‘Our Love’

I love how this song is called ‘Our Love’, like it’s inviting you to share in the love and feel included. Caribou just wants everyone to love and be loved equally.

Better still, I love how much this song just makes me want to DANCE. No matter how tired I am. (Like right now for example…)

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Anonymous said: imgur,com/2fhMwuv You should replace that comma with a dot. I wanted to see your reaction to this. Because you like Playstation. It's a real thing which was just auctioned off in Sweden.

YES. I’d buy one of these. (I’m so gay for my GayStation 4. Every time I walk past my living room and I look at it I’m just like, “Hey, how you doin handsome? You look great today!” True story.)

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Chippy Nonstop - “Me + You” (feat. Kitty Pryde)

Oh my gosh. This is so… so cute.



Yes, I want those shoes.



Yes, I want those shoes.

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do you think they know?


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